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Conference 2021: Road to Recovery

Videos and resources from the June CPD event. For school-based music professionals in the East Midlands.

Music Education Hubs East Midlands (MEHEM) and Music Mark worked together to provide Road to Recovery in June 2021 - a CPD event packed with sessions on a broad range of topics, all accessible online.

You can watch these presentations and sessions as well as access accompanying resource.

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Keynote presentation: Why just 'doing' music isn't enough
Mark Philips (Senior HMI (Ofsted))

This keynote will be followed by phase specific case studies by school colleagues from across the East Midlands.

How to be an anti-racist music educator
Sharon Jagdev Powell

Sharon Jagdev Powell is a musician and educator currently working as the Deputy Head of Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service. She is an anti-racist who is passionate about working with young people to enable them to connect with music.

Composing and improvising in SEND contexts
Ben Sellers

This session introduces fun and meaningful composition and improvisation activities for pupils with additional needs. Focussing on creative potential offers pupils control and agency over their learning and bypass many cognitive and physical barriers to engagement.

Let’s keep Early Years music fresh and vibrant!
Sue Nicholls

A workshop session offering updates on new published and ‘freebie’resources plus an opportunity to engage in some ‘live’ Early Years’activities to take straight into your settings.


Music technology in the primary classroom
Kelly-Jo Foster-Peters

Using mobile technologies in the primary classroom to foster creative/musical learning.This interactive session will help give primary teachers confidence in using mobile technologies effectively to progress musical learning in classroom activities.

Positive inclusive music – Primary
Claire Cheetham

‘Positive Inclusive Music in a Primary Setting’ aims to give teachers the tools to ensure an inclusive lesson for all.

The session will include practical ideas to enable all children to gain positive musical experiences and achieve to the best of their ability particularly in light of the pandemic and the amount of time spent out of routine.

Musical theatre as a vehicle for learning
Jonathan Francis

This session will explore how musical theatre can be used as a catalyst to develop students’ engagement and understanding of music, and how we as teachers can use musical theatre repertoire to open doorways to more complex musical development.

Beat boxing basics
Shay Sharma

The instrument on your face! Learn the foundations of beatbox including kick, snare and hi-hat sounds, exciting drum rhythms and breathing techniques.

Why classroom music? Discovering the purpose of music in schools
Simon Toyne

This session will seek to clarify the purpose of classroom music, to expand upon the relationship between the classroom, extra-curricular music and instrumental tuition, to consider what might be meant by musical knowledge and to offer a response to Martin Fautley’s thought-provoking challenge.

Body percussion warm-ups from around the world
Ollie Tunmer (Beat goes on)

Ollie Tunmer from Beat Goes On will take you on a whirlwind journey of fun, high energy body percussion warm-ups, based on rhythms from a variety of cultures.

Body percussion with literacy
Ollie Tunmer (Beat Goes On)

This session is based on our collaborations with Pie Corbett ofTalk4Writing. We take sentences from pupils' creative writing or books they are reading and explore their rhythmic potential when spoken out loud.

We then use this as a stimulus for body percussion composition. This approach combines music and literacy in a fun, creative and highly interactive way.

Understanding the Model Music Curriculum at primary level
Hannah Wallis-Windle (The Minster School, Southwell)

Released by the DfE in March 2021, the Model Music Curriculum is guidance to support the music national curriculum for KS1 -KS3.

In this interactive session we will be delving into the KS1and KS2 guidance, exploring how it can be positively used by music teachers and leaders in order to support the development of music in Primary school settings.

Singing session and closing remarks
Charles MacDougall

Expect to flex your musicianship, move your body, get your air flowing, connect to your voice, learn a song, and take away plenty of ideas for working with your own classes and choirs. All in just 20 minutes!