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A Grounding in Makaton

Makaton is a unique communication system that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to interact

Helen Temple – one of our two Uprising! representatives from the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership – taught us all some essential Makaton signs at the Uprising launch.

Here are her recommendations for Makaton resources

The Makaton Charity

Go to

A website with lots more information and some free downloadable resources. You can also book Level 1 – 4 online training through this page which is highly recommend.

The Makaton Charity Facebook page has a sign of the week which is a good way to keep expanding your knowledge.

Makaton with Lucinda

Go to Makaton with Lucinda...

A YouTube channel with short signing videos created by a mum called Nikki and her daughter Lucinda. There are hundreds of short sign videos and can be a great place to check how to sign something new.

The Makaton with Lucinda Facebook page has a new sign every day and these are really excellent. 

Singing Hands

Go to Singing Hands...

This team produce a wide range of signed songs on YouTube. These range from simple nursery rhymes to modern pop songs. Some of these are easier than others but it is an excellent resource.

Isabella Signs

Go to Isabella Signs...

This is a teenager who started creating Makaton song videos on YouTube with her little brother. She also does some basic signs, and her songs are quite fast to follow, but again worth a look as she now does some slower tutorial videos to go with her pop songs.