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UpRising Teacher Training 2022/23

Free training and events for teachers, TAs and LSAs in Special Education Schools and Alternative Provision

The training has been designed to recognise that many people in a school, from senior leaders to LSAs and TAs, contribute to a pupil's music world. We want all staff to be given the opportunity to develop their skills in planning, delivering and reflecting on high-quality musical interactions.

Our training package for 2022/23 is free to access and is based around four strands:

Musicking for the Terrified:
Accessible musical activities

  • Ideal for classroom teachers in East Midlands Special Education schools & DSP units

How do we make music lessons musical? How do we craft activities suitable for a wide range of abilities in a single classroom? How do we unlock the music potential of our pupils when we don't feel confident in music-making ourselves?

This series of six twilight training sessions offers practical music-making activities that offer curriculum learning outcomes and can be delivered by non-specialist teachers in mixed special education schools.

Participants can choose to come to some of all of the sessions, which will be led by expert practitioners and supported by a set of resources for each school.

Where and when

A choice of six twilight sessions between January - April 2023

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Vibration, Sensation and Improvisation:
Music-making for pupils with complex needs

  • Ideal for teachers and LSAs/TAs working in PMLD settings worldwide

This whole day, in-person training offers is open to classroom teachers and TAs working with pupils with PMLD. The training will cover:

  • Sensory activities and stories
  • Improvising using iPads
  • Musical activities that support cognition and motor skills
  • Assessment and development frameworks
  • Space to share ideas and find solutions to challenges

This training is supported by Youth Music and is free and open to all. Reimbursement of staffing cover is available for representatives from schools in the East Midlands.

Where and when

An in-person training event happening in Loughborough, Leicestershire in February 2023.

When registering your interest you will be asked for preferred dates and we will arrange the training day to be on the one which best fits those who want to attend.

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Studio Freedom:
Music Production for pupils in Alternative Provision

  • Teachers and LSAs/TAs working in AP settings in the East Midlands

Music is central to the identity and culture of many pupils in PRUs and SEMH settings. This training, open to teachers and LSAs/TAs in AP settings, offers everything needed to support pupils to create their own music both at school and at home on their ownd evices.

This free training consists of three online twilight sessions, a period of self-directed learning, and an 18-month licence of Charanga's new 'YouStudio' platform. YouStudio blends a browser-based Digital Audio Workstation with video lessons that support pupils to produce music in a range of contemporary genres while also achieving curriculum outcomes.

Schools will need to provide laptop or tablets and headphones for pupils.

Where and when

Three online twilight training sessions with self-directed learning between them. This will take place between December 2022 and March 2023.

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Curriculum Design:
Design a music curriculum for your special education school

  • Music Coordinators & Senior Leaders in East Midlands Special Education Schools

The curriculum design process is a great opportunity to improve provision for your pupils and reflect on what is important to you as a teacher. This series of online twilight sessions, suitable for music coordinators and senior leaders in special education settings, breaks down the design process into manageable steps, covering:

  • Rationale and core values
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Structure and progression
  • Outcomes and assessment
  • Enrichment

Working alongside curriculum experts, participants will have the opportunity to design a curriculum that works for their own setting and that can be shared with colleagues.

Where and when

Four online twilight training sessions with self-directed learning and writing-up. This will take place between January and April 2023.

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