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Strengthening inclusive music provision in the East Midlands

UpRisingWelcome to MEHEM Uprising! a three year Youth Music funded project that will improve access to high quality music-making opportunities for young people with additional needs across the region.

What is UpRising!?

Watch project lead Ben Sellers outlines the what, why, who and how of UpRising!

In the context of music education, the term ‘additional learning needs’ (also known as ‘Special Educational needs and disabilities - SEND) refers to a hugely diverse range of young people in a variety of learning contexts, and with a variety of musical interests and ways of engaging with music.

Though each of the MEHEM hubs has excellent existing projects that target specific groups, there are inevitably gaps in provision, workforce skill and access to resources. With this in mind, MEHEM leaders dreamed up Uprising!, a project that focuses on sharing the strengths of individual hubs across the region.

The project is also working with hub partner organisations, including Sinfonia Viva, ABLE Orchestra and SoundLincs, and is being evaluated by at team at Birmingham City University.

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The story so far...

Our aim is to provide a valuable resource for music tutors and classroom teachers working with pupils with SEND/ALN.

Whilst this will be an ongoing development leading to a new web-platform, our work has already begun!

Disabled musician Jess Fisher discusses the challenges of navigating the music education system and answers questions on how music education can be made more accessible for disabled young people.
The ABLE Orchestra is a pioneer of inclusive ensembles in the UK and a key partner in Uprising!
Makaton is a unique communication system that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to interact
MEHEM UpRising! Aims to improve access to high-quality music-making opportunities for young people with additional needs across the East Midlands

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