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Logo downloads

Downloadable logos and usage guidance for MEHEM and UpRising!

Before downloading:

  • You must have the permission of one of the Music Education Hubs of MEHEM to access, download and use these materials
  • You must read and follow advice on the usage of these materials to maintain brand of MEHEM and related projects

Select from

MEHEM - Music Education Hubs East Midlands or MEHEM UpRising! Project

Usage guidance

Please follow the best practice guidance below when using these logos. 

◉ Sizing

The available logos will most likely need resizing to fit your needs. Resize from the corners holding down the shift key to preserve the ratio between height and width. This will avoid stretching or squashing.

Guidance - Sizing

You should never resize up – this will pixilate the image – please get in touch if you need a larger size file.

◉ Exclusion zone

Try not to crowd the logo by placing other elements or text too close. Leave a good empty zone around (called an exclusion zone) to help the logo be seen.

Guidance - Exclusion

◉ Coloured backgrounds

It's best to use one of the PNG files when placing a logo on a coloured background. These files have a transparent background to avoid having an awkward white square around the logo. Use the white version on dark backgrounds or the black version on lighter backgrounds.

Using a JPEG with a white background is OK as a last resort, but efforts should be made to use one of the transparent files first. Do not use software to delete the white background of a JPEG file.

Guidance - Colour