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MEHEM UpRising!

Downloadable logos for MEHEM UpRising! project

You can download logos for MEHEM - Music Education Hubs East Midlands in a variety of formats from this page.

You must have the permission from one of the Music Hubs of MEHEM before using these logos.


  • Legibility – logos should be placed somewhere where it can be clearly seen from an operational distance. For a leaflet this means it should be legible at a distance held in the hand, for a website from a distance of a screen on a desk etc...
  • Placement – for printable materials, it is acceptable for these logos to appear in a footer, or in the corners of a document. For websites or email marketing, in the footer will be acceptable.

MEHEM – Music Education Hubs East Midlands

Please use the links to download the logo you need. If you need another format, please contact us to make a request.

UpRising Logo Guidance

◉ JPEG – with white background

Ideal for documents, webpages or other uses where the background colour is white. Colour logos differ depending on their use – CMYK version for if it will be printed or RGB for it will appear on screen. Use RGB if you're unsure!

◉ PNG – with transparent background

Ideal for when you need to overlay the logo onto a coloured background or photo.